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Get Yourself Checked...

Are you in need of an ENT consultation?

I can offer you an urgent expert consultation at your choice and convenience.

Blocked ears? Blocked nose? Something in your throat? Neck lumps?

I offer appointments for adults and children, creating a facility to serve you, your friends and family without any delay and on the island.

Please contact me via email, phone, or online form- we will be in touch and confirm your appointment.


Mr Umapathy is based in Nobles Hospital since 2018, and has over 25 years of experience managing ENT conditions in adults and in children


Mr Umapathy is available in the evenings and occasional weekends for consultation in a dedicated ENT clinical setting

Friendly Face

Mr Umapathy welcomes anyone who wishes to have a private ENT consultation

About me

Mr Neel Umapathy is a Consultant ENT Surgeon (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon) with over 25 years of ENT experience. He is based at the Noble’s Hospital, Isle of Man since 2018, where he sees his private patients in the evenings. He was trained in the UK and qualified to see both adults and children with ear nose and throat problems.

Mr Umapathy is an ENT specialist with broad ranging experience in many aspects of otology (ear conditions), rhinology (nose conditions), laryngology (voice disorders), thyroid surgery, and salivary gland surgery. He offers private consultations on the island and is able to offer advice on a range of conditions affecting ears, nose, and throat in children as well as adults.

Qualifications & Awards

Mr Umapathy completed his primary medical qualification (MBBS) in India and began his post graduate training in the UK in 1996. He was awarded fellowship in ENT surgery (FRCS ENT) by the Royal College of Surgeons in 1999. Later, partaking an arduous exam, he was awarded Fellowship in Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (FRCS ORL-HNS) in 2004 by the Combined Royal Colleges of Surgeons.

What conditions are seen?


Earache (acute otitis media)
Ear infection
Eardrum perforation
Eustachian tube problems


Disorders of smell and taste
Facial pain
Head cold


Acid reflux (burning in the throat)
Breathing difficulties in the nose and throat area

Facial Plastics

Nasal deformity of various types
Nasal injury
Protruding ears
Split ear lobe

Neck Lumps

Thyroid lumps
Salivary gland lumps


Adenoid problems (blocked nose and nasal speech)
Blocked nose
Cholesteatoma (smelly discharge and dead skin in the ear)

Professional Memberships

Mr Umapathy has a mandatory registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) and having completed the required high-quality training he is also on the GMC’s specialist register as a specialist in otolaryngology.
Additionally, Mr Umapathy is an intentional member of many professional organisations which enables him to maintain standards and to keep up to date.

Surgical Procedures under General Anaesthesia (GA)

Mr Umapathy has extensive experience in several surgical procedures in adults as well as children. His surgical experience includes septoplasty (for blocked nose), grommet insertion (for glue ears), tonsillectomy, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), vocal fold surgery (for voice), myringotomy (draining of pus or fluid from the middle ear), myringoplasty (for repairing hole in the eardrum) and several diagnostic procedures such as laryngoscopy.

Patient Reviews

“Very good doctor, explained everything in detail”




“Very caring person”


“Very competent and effective management”


“Excellent care; felt very confident. Thank you”


“Very polite and easy to understand what he was saying. Very helpful”


“Listened well. Took my views into account”


“Informative, caring and friendly"


“Worth every penny. Seen many private consultants in the UK, gave a lot more information than all those combined”-